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What is Kameda stripe?

"Kamedajima" is characterized by its good texture and beautiful pattern woven with indigo.
It is a yarn-dyed cotton fabric that first dyes threads to make stripes. Since it was originally made as stray clothing, it is resistant to water and has the characteristic of becoming familiar to the hands as it is washed. Double washer processing and sun drying make it feel good on the skin and can be washed at home. It seems that the needles are easy to sew when sewing.

There are dark blue stripes and white stripes, and there are more than 100 types. There are thin and normal fabrics and wrinkle processing, so you can enjoy the fun of choosing patterns and materials.
Tachikawa Textile also manufactures plain Kameda stripes of the same manufacturing method in response to customer requests. I think the range of combinations will expand further.

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Tachikawa Textile Gallery

A small gallery in Tachikawa Textile.

We display and sell clothes, accessories, bags, etc.

Most of the fabrics can be made to order, so please look forward to the colors and patterns.

The dough sales workshop is adjacent and you will find all the dough in the catalog.

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