kiho様による『Toile de Jouy meets kamedajima』

"Toile de Jouy meets kamedajima" by kiho

亀田縞 立川織物 kiho

亀田縞 立川織物 kiho

亀田縞 立川織物 kiho


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French traditional textiles x Japanese craft textiles

A project to create a new design by combining two traditional fabrics from France and Japan, Twart Jui and Kameda Stripe, and two countries.

"Toile de Jouy meets kamedajima"

TOKONOHA sewing talked about the original pattern.

About original pattern production

I think that various patterns were born from the desire to enjoy the stripes 300 years ago when Kameda stripes were born.

Original stripe production made with that thought and Kameda stripe manufacturing method.

If you are interested, please contact Tachikawa Textile.