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Kameda stripe Karamiori stall long saxophone

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Kameda stripe Karamiori stall long with surprising lightness and softness.

It can be used all year round, but it is made longer and warmer, so it is more suitable for autumn and winter.

The fluffy air is included and you can use it very warmly.

Even in a scene where you sweat in a heated area, the cotton material absorbs sweat well.

Easy to wash, put in the net and wash completely.

It is durable and can be used for a long time.

100% cotton, 60% of which uses organic cotton.

It is not easy to cut even if you pull it, so if you stretch it and dry it with a hanger, the fluffy feeling will be restored.

Some people use it as a neck warmer at bedtime because it is soft to the touch, breathable and light.

Specifications: Length approx. 206 cm
Width approx. 60 cm
Weight approx. 90 g