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Kameda striped cotton fabric BL8 wrinkled thick fabric that goes well with jeans

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I made it with an image that suits jeans. It has a lot of interesting wrinkles due to the catch washer processing. The fabric is a little thick.

Material 100% cotton

Horizontal stripes width 102 cm

Weight 160g / ㎡

The listed price is for a length of 50 cm. (Orders are in units of 50 cm)
Please order from 50 cm or more.

Example) If you want 50cm, please write 1. If you want 1m, please write 2 in the number of purchases.
If you want 2m, please write 4 in the number of purchases.

This product can be used for commercial purposes.

There is no particular front and back.

Country of origin : Made in Japan

Please avoid.
-Since some indigo dyeing is used, please refrain from washing with white items 2-3 times.
・ Due to the nature of the material, it may shrink slightly after washing.
・ It may become fluffy due to friction, washing, etc.

About color
The color of the photo may be slightly different from the actual product depending on the environment of your computer. It may be. please note that.