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Kameda-striped front apron.

Kameda stripes, which are durable and resistant to washing, are also ideal for aprons.

The impression changes dramatically between vertical and horizontal, so please choose a color and order.

Product size

Vertical: Approximately 87cm

Width: Approximately 84cm

String length: Approximately 1m40cm

・ Available in plain pattern and plain plain.

・ Please select the main pattern and vertical or horizontal use.

・ Please choose the fabric for the string and the upper chest. (The string and the upper chest are made of the same material.)

* You can choose only the main fabric and leave the string and upper chest to us.

・ Select the logo attachment position from the inside and outside.

Sorry for your inconvenience, but please take a note of the desired product number from the ordinary land page, add this product to the cart, and then enter the desired product number in the special notes to the store.

Select a plain fabric (opens the plain page)

亀田縞 手ぬぐいマフラー 薄地 立川織物